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5 clever reasons why you should buy a used car?

February 15, 2019 / 0 Comments / 0 / Uncategorized

Are you confused between buying a new car or a used car? We shall give you 5 clever reasons why should buy a used car today?
As we are making a drastic shift towards modernization and invention, the automobile industry is also rising at a faster pace. It is most obvious that car prices are going up every now and then. However, it is quite ironic that the life span of the cars is getting lesser by every new invention. With this advancement, a lot of automobile buyers prefer buying the second hand used cars rather than the brand new one.
Let us analyze a few of the smartest reasons that will convince you to buy a second-hand car.

1. Slower depreciation rate

Cars do get old. The used cars tend to depreciate even faster than the old ones. On average, a new car has a life span of about 3 years. So in that case, buying a new car as an investment can be a bad idea. These days cars are lasting more and more but they are more likely to lose their life span. No matter how well the models handle depreciation than others, they will still lose up to 50% of its value within its initial 3 years.
It appears fascinating for the first time car buyers to get a vehicle packaged with warranties, free maintenance, low financing, etc. however, a buying used car proves to be more of value for money.

Visit superior motors if you have second-hand cars for sale in Bangalore. Get value for money deal when it comes to depreciation rate of your vehicle.

2. Used cars with warranty

As we are stepping towards modernization, a lot of things have evolved. The recent changes in the automobile industry have transformed the way used cars are sold and purchased. Today, you really don’t have to rely on the verbal assurances of those cunning car salesmen, dealers or any other individual for the car being perfectly fine. Now we have all the facilities of checking the certifications and Trust mark. This makes it easy for us to stay cautious while buying any of the used product as the certifications are checked by the experienced engineers.This is not the entire scenario! Here you even get an additional post-purchase warranty to be double sure that the used car you just bought runs more like the new one.

You can now get your second-hand car in Banglore with the best deals ever.

3. Auto industry offers Variety

As it is said variety is the spice of life. Every seller tries to offer a wide range of variety in their products. Every year, In an automobile industry 400+ models are offered for sale at a new-car market. 400+ may sound like a good number but the used car market offers even more in the variety. Everyone of us has a different taste. In that case, it is more likely to be a chance that the car you want isn’t made anymore. Fortunately, the used car market offers it all. The super motors (used car dealer in Banglore) offers it all ranging from the traditional hatchbacks to the newest in the range.

4. Save Insurance cost

While you buy a used car you will save more when it comes to the insurance part. Used cars have a lower insurance rate. Your used Hyundai i20 might cost less to insure than the purchased new. It all comes back to the depreciation value. Sometimes, you may fail to notice the difference between your 3-year-old Hyundai and a brand new one. But your insurance company will definitely notice the difference.
To know more about the insurance cost-cutting in the second-hand cars, consult the used car dealers in Bangalore. Get opinion and reviews from the experienced staff of the professional team.

5. Hassle free drive everywhere and anywhere

A car happens to come with its own advantages. The most amazing benefit that it offers is the haste free drive 24×7. You can enjoy the feeling of driving tension free, without the nervousness of getting that first scratch marks. Moreover, you don’t have to be afraid of taking your brand new car for long drives in those not so good roads.
Consider this scenario- imagine you just bought a new Hyundai i20 and the very next day you are asked to travel for work in a village area. The village is more like a congested area. Considering this potential risk of getting scratch marks, you will think twice before taking your new car out and instead would prefer to take any public transport.
Now consider the same scenario when you decide to buy a used car. Would you still do the same or change your opinion?
If you decided to change your opinion, trust me it is never too late. Buy your used car today and create some amazing memories.

Consult best-used cars online offering some world-class services across India when it comes to buying and selling your used vehicle.

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